Based on previous experiences and our wish to devote our time to the youngest players, we once again prepared a specific Plan and program, with different levels and approaches, to accommodate campers’ age and skill levels.

Upon arriving, campers are greeted with gear, as well as different sports facilities where their individual skill set and knowledge is assessed. This way we create groups with an optimal number of participants, each with its own trainer and trainer assistant.

The role of a competent trainer in helping create a complete player, in both physical and technical sense, lays in adequate dosing of physical strain on a player based on their age and skill level. Here we train twice a day, on two open, well lit courts, as well as in the indoor hall. There is also a team in charge of an impeccable organization, making sure our trainers are free to attend to the development of young players only.

One of many values of the program lays in the development and education of trainers themselves, who are then able to use the knowledge both during our camp and outside of it. This is essentially the way we get to realize our main objective – to continually improve the state of our sport in Serbia as a whole.