Through our long and dedicated work, we managed to surpass even our own expectations and become part of the basketball tradition in the land of both Europe and World champions.

In twenty-six years of teaching young talented players we’ve learned the important:


Realistic goal setting according to one’s potentials

Fighting against the „cookie cutter“ approach while working on individual development of each and every young player

Practicing perseverance and determination

Building mental as well as physical strength

Basketball is a team sport, but highy competitive also. That is why our main focus is on professional guidance and challenging training sessions, strenghtening will power, decision making, team work and fair play.

KASTA’s program has been changing through the years, adding and adapting to the new tendencies and your specific needs and wishes, so that we could reach our main objective together – so that you would leave the camp stronger, more competent, knowledgable and well aware of your own potential.

In order to make that happen, we work in small groups exclusively, observe and measure your results long term, which in return gives us the means to further improve the program each year.

We are here to guide you, help you surpass your limitations, push through the hard times, as well as remind you that even the greatest player was once a beginner.